Diana is known for her Choreography and Dance performances on numerous TV shows and commercials, projects, live concerts, and music videos with Estonian and international artists, such as:
Till Lindemann (Rammstein), Tommy Cash, JP Cooper, Kerli Kõiv, Yasmyn, Genka, Daniel Levi, Tanya Tereshina, No More Fridays, Magicool, Metsakutsu, Nancy, Getter Jaani, 5miinust, Villemdrillem, Elisa Kolk, Uku Suviste, Laura Prits, Rozell, among others.

She travels and trains around the world to work in a wide repertoire of styles in Dance and Choreography.

Since 2016, she’s given regular classes as a choreographer in Estonia, at the renowned FreeFlowStudio and Tantsugeen.